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FibeAir® IP-20G

FibeAir® IP-20GPortfolio

Multi-Radio Technology Edge Node
• Any radio transmission technology mix
Wireless multi-technology platform optimized for HetNets
• Multi-gigabits radio capacity with high
spectral efficiency
Ultra-high capacity over licensed and license-exempt
frequency bands (4-86GHz)
• Easy to install, highly reliable
Low footprint, fixed design, quick and simple to set up
with reliable operatio
• High service granularity enables rollout of
new business models
Intelligent service-centric management utilizing Hierarchical
QoS and advanced OA&M capabilities
• Common OS & software-defined engine simplify
network modernization
Unified CeraOS across entire IP-20 platform
Powered by a programmable network processor
FibeAir IP-20G is a hybrid, split-mount hauling solution for edge and ring nodes. Supporting all
common features of the IP-20 platform, it is powered by a programmable network processor and
runs under Ceragon’s CeraOS, the high-performance, internetworking operating system.
Network operators must ensure that their edge backhaul
solutions provide high capacity and the optimal mix of
functionality and performance while minimizing cost
of ownership. With the rapid pace of technological
advancement, solutions implemented today must be versatile
and flexible to continue to deliver cost-effective performance
evolve with the demands of tomorrow. Operators need to
know that they can stay current with emerging standards
without incurring the expenses of new hardware. Ceragon’s
new wireless, split-mount edge node, FibeAir IP-20G, is
designed to meet all of these challenges.
FibeAir IP-20G boosts performance in today’s networks while
providing a cost-effective path to future network requirements.
It offers full support for TDM services, as well as a rich set of
advanced Carrier Ethernet services providing a wide range of
new capabilities that address the diverse and evolving needs
of mobile backhaul, ISPs, utilities, government and private
FibeAir IP-20G’s fixed-configuration, low power consumption
solution is simple to install and maintain. Hosting the
advanced features common across the IP-20 platform, it
is a cost-effective, reliable, and high-capacity solution for
backhauling edge and ring nodes
Multi-Radio Technology Edge Node
FibeAir® IP-20G